Oldham Family History

West Virginia, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 38.5976262, Longitude: -80.4549026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CREIGHTON, Elizabeth  1836West Virginia, USA I12551
2 DAVIS, Chesley B.  West Virginia, USA I52984
3 FACEMYER, Sarah Jane  4 Nov 1932West Virginia, USA I45136
4 FOX, Emma  Abt 1866West Virginia, USA I47730
5 FRENCH, Asa  29 Mar 1803West Virginia, USA I3705
6 HATFIELD, Gennetta  West Virginia, USA I52985
7 HICKEL, Samuel Sheldon  20 Feb 1856West Virginia, USA I23718
8 HUTCHINSON, Anne Bertha  1883West Virginia, USA I32175
9 KNAPP, Hazel  6 May 1907West Virginia, USA I51500
10 MCCHESNEY, Mabel Irene   I11835
11 OLDHAM, Alfred L.  4 Jan 1867West Virginia, USA I11761
12 OLDHAM, Alice Morie   I48576
13 OLDHAM, Amy E.  Feb 1888West Virginia, USA I53649
14 OLDHAM, Anna B.  Abt 1865West Virginia, USA I12552
15 OLDHAM, Anna Laura  11 May 1873West Virginia, USA I11765
16 OLDHAM, Barrazilla W. Bazil  8 Feb 1878West Virginia, USA I11767
17 OLDHAM, Billie Joe  18 Jan 1937West Virginia, USA I45186
18 OLDHAM, Boone County  West Virginia, USA I47596
19 OLDHAM, David Paul "Butch"  8 Jun 1940West Virginia, USA I45192
20 OLDHAM, Edna F.  May 1893West Virginia, USA I53651
21 OLDHAM, Ella Louise   I45207
22 OLDHAM, Ethel  Jun 1897West Virginia, USA I53653
23 OLDHAM, Florence L.  May 1895West Virginia, USA I53652
24 OLDHAM, George Paul  4 Feb 1873West Virginia, USA I12554
25 OLDHAM, Greenbriar County  West Virginia, USA I47725
26 OLDHAM, Hazel C.  Jan 1888West Virginia, USA I12623
27 OLDHAM, Hettie A.  Aug 1889West Virginia, USA I53650
28 OLDHAM, Howard Wiley  13 Feb 1869West Virginia, USA I11762
29 OLDHAM, Jackson County  West Virginia, USA I39263
30 OLDHAM, James H.  1832West Virginia, USA I12374
31 OLDHAM, Jenny Ellen  7 Aug 1852West Virginia, USA I49937
32 OLDHAM, Kanawha County  West Virginia, USA I37383
33 OLDHAM, Madelene  Jun 1896West Virginia, USA I12625
34 OLDHAM, Maggie O.  1864West Virginia, USA I12512
35 OLDHAM, Marion County  West Virginia, USA I50394
36 OLDHAM, Marshall County  West Virginia, USA I42152
37 OLDHAM, Mary  1863West Virginia, USA I41942
38 OLDHAM, Mildred Ann  26 Mar 1963West Virginia, USA I45163
39 OLDHAM, Monongalia County  West Virginia, USA I51463
40 OLDHAM, Percy Talbert  Sep 1890West Virginia, USA I12624
41 OLDHAM, Robert W. Sgt.  18 Apr 1916West Virginia, USA I12723
42 OLDHAM, Samuel  Mar 1865West Virginia, USA I11759
43 OLDHAM, Wayne S  1924West Virginia, USA I50224
44 OLDHAM OR HOLDHAM, Frances Ann  2 Apr 1828West Virginia, USA I58280
45 PERNELL, Mary L.  1846West Virginia, USA I22630
46 PERRY, Henry Solomon  28 Dec 1846West Virginia, USA I42156
47 PERRY, Margaret E. A.  1869West Virginia, USA I42157
48 PERRY, Martha J. L.  1872West Virginia, USA I42158
49 PERRY, Mary V. M.  1880West Virginia, USA I42159
50 SMALLWOOD, Fanny B.  West Virginia, USA I35089

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Elizabeth  24 Jul 1877West Virginia, USA I9915
2 MANNING, Alma Louise  16 Dec 1981West Virginia, USA I36185
3 TRIVETT, Carrie Ann  1 May 1994West Virginia, USA I41563

Military - Civil War

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military - Civil War    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, William Kennison  1863West Virginia, USA I22629


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, I. Faye   I27751


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 OLDHAM / BRUCE  27 Jun 1888West Virginia, USA F5570