Oldham Family History

North Carolina, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 35.7595731, Longitude: -79.0192997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, John  1796North Carolina, USA I39105
2 ALLEN, Rebecca  Abt 1856North Carolina, USA I32624
3 ANDREWS, Sarah Bell  8 May 1861North Carolina, USA I19054
4 ARNOLD, Cynthia  1823North Carolina, USA I35826
5 BARRETT, Isaac Gilbert  North Carolina, USA I30799
6 BEAL, Joseph Willey  6 May 1857North Carolina, USA I10285
7 BEASLEY, Mary  Abt 1803North Carolina, USA I32402
8 BECKERDITE, Richard  North Carolina, USA I3569
9 BLACKWOOD, Anna Eliza  1866North Carolina, USA I54295
10 BOLIBAUGH, Abram  Abt 1777North Carolina, USA I8110
11 BOLIBAUGH, Judith  18 Feb 1802North Carolina, USA I21931
12 BOLIBAUGH, William  26 Jun 1804North Carolina, USA I21932
13 BOYD, Jarvis W.  North Carolina, USA I33639
14 BREWER, Elizabeth  9 Mar 1809North Carolina, USA I30259
15 BRIGANCE, Miranda Florence  16 Mar 1861North Carolina, USA I10362
16 BRIMM, Richard Jackson  Abt 1821North Carolina, USA I23517
17 BURKE, Bella  1862North Carolina, USA I41803
18 BURKE, Candice  Abt 1834North Carolina, USA I39394
19 BURKE, Rachel M.  1843North Carolina, USA I10159
20 BURTON, Ridley Reddley Blouston  Abt 1797North Carolina, USA I12201
21 CATON, William H.  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I11168
22 CHALLIS, Mary Polly Cherles  15 Dec 1798North Carolina, USA I3519
23 CHEEK, John  18 Apr 1828North Carolina, USA I57003
24 CHERRY, Rutha N.  Abt 1803North Carolina, USA I29887
25 CLEMENTS, Charles  6 Feb 1794North Carolina, USA I11232
26 COFFER, Sarah  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA I10315
27 COGGIN, Mary  12 Apr 1826North Carolina, USA I45027
28 COLE, A. E.  1860North Carolina, USA I41764
29 COLE, L. G.  1862North Carolina, USA I41766
30 COLE, T. B.  1858North Carolina, USA I41763
31 COLE, W. D.  1861North Carolina, USA I41765
32 COLLINS, James  1782North Carolina, USA I15928
33 COLLINS, Mary C.  1796North Carolina, USA I55745
34 CONNALLY, Rebecca  15 Oct 1789North Carolina, USA I16353
35 CONNALLY, Thomas Jefferson  1815North Carolina, USA I23558
36 COOK, Eli  Abt 1798North Carolina, USA I54525
37 COOPER, Benjamin  9 Oct 1829North Carolina, USA I54264
38 COUNSIL, George W.  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I10200
39 COUNSIL, Joseph  Abt 1833North Carolina, USA I10199
40 COUNSIL, Merrill  Abt 1810North Carolina, USA I10198
41 COX, James W.  1806North Carolina, USA I41428
42 COX, Mary  1850North Carolina, USA I41426
43 CRAFT, Mamie  North Carolina, USA I18678
44 CRON, Minerva  North Carolina, USA I48566
45 CRUTCHFIELD, Mary Alice  12 Aug 1862North Carolina, USA I31167
46 DAURITY, Joseph Yancey  7 Sep 1864North Carolina, USA I34640
47 DAVIS, Lee Onidas  4 May 1885North Carolina, USA I56773
48 DENISON, Pearl Gertrude  Abt 1903North Carolina, USA I38885
49 DISMUKES, Anna G.  1860North Carolina, USA I41839
50 DOWD, Nancy June  1862North Carolina, USA I41800

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAL, Joseph Willey  Bef 1933North Carolina, USA I10285
2 BURKE, Rachel M.  Bef 1868North Carolina, USA I10159
3 FUTRELL, Emma  Abt Dec 1796North Carolina, USA I59105
4 ODOM, Simeon  1885North Carolina, USA I12245
5 OLDHAM, Albert Henry  23 Nov 1974North Carolina, USA I39472
6 OLDHAM, Duncan M.  9 Mar 1945North Carolina, USA I55485
7 OLDHAM, Gracie Lee  22 Mar 2005North Carolina, USA I50118
8 OLDHAM, Josiah Odom  Abt 1800North Carolina, USA I14933
9 OLDHAM, Kathryn Lois  28 Mar 1992North Carolina, USA I5042
10 OLDHAM, Lonnie David  13 Apr 2006North Carolina, USA I59059
11 OLDHAM, Margaret Leigh  Jun 1984North Carolina, USA I22094
12 OLDHAM, Miles Mils Odom  Bef 1830North Carolina, USA I14970
13 OLDHAM, Moses Odom  Abt 1760North Carolina, USA I14966
14 OLDHAM, Thrye "Eric" Bunyan  Jun 1985North Carolina, USA I4979
15 RIGSBEE, Caroline C.  Bef 1875North Carolina, USA I48193

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, James  1811North Carolina, USA I49485

Last Known Residence

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Last Known Residence    Person ID 
1 HODGSON, George Jr  North Carolina, USA I9753

Military - Revolutionary War

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military - Revolutionary War    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, Moses Odom Jr.  Abt 1776North Carolina, USA I10112


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MOOREHEAD, John Motley  North Carolina, USA I8219

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, Jasper Linvelle  Bef 1951North Carolina, USA I35263


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARTON / PENNINGTON  4 Sep 1783North Carolina, USA F8430
2 COLE / YARBROUGH  Abt 1846North Carolina, USA F20010
3 CONNALLY / KING  2 Apr 1785North Carolina, USA F3680
4 COUNSIL / OLDHAM  Between 1830 and 1831North Carolina, USA F4565
5 HERMAN / OLDHAM  Abt 1913North Carolina, USA F17240
6 HIGHTOWER / PARKER  1763North Carolina, USA F2462
7 HOPPER / OLDHAM  23 Dec 1819North Carolina, USA F14252
8 HUNSUCKER / HUNSUCKER  Bef 1847North Carolina, USA F4596
9 LOONEY / QUINN  2 Jun 1774North Carolina, USA F2432
10 MAHAN / CRON  North Carolina, USA F17482
11 NUNNERY / OLDHAM  Bef 1919North Carolina, USA F21087
12 ODOM / PHILLIPS  North Carolina, USA F5458
13 OLDHAM /   Abt 1892North Carolina, USA F15861
14 OLDHAM / CLEGG  Sep 1868North Carolina, USA F15162
15 OLDHAM / COFFER  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA F4615
16 OLDHAM / HART  Between 1815 and 1820North Carolina, USA F4564
17 OLDHAM / HART  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA F4581
18 OLDHAM / OLDHAM  24 Jan 1898North Carolina, USA F2035
19 OLDHAM / OLDHAM  Abt 1903North Carolina, USA F21084
20 OLDHAM / POE  Abt 1848North Carolina, USA F4590
21 OLDHAM / RICE  Abt 1767North Carolina, USA F979
22 OLDHAM / UNKNOWN  Abt 1751North Carolina, USA F4956
23 OLDHAM / UNKNOWN  Abt 1846North Carolina, USA F6621
24 OLDHAM / UNKNOWN  1899North Carolina, USA F20681
25 OLDHAM / WILSON  1942North Carolina, USA F2274
26 PEARCE / HARRISON  North Carolina, USA F6643
27 PLUMMER / UNKNOWN  Bef 1816North Carolina, USA F3312
28 REID / HENDERSON  19 Dec 1761North Carolina, USA F6796
29 REID / SIMPSON  6 Feb 1769North Carolina, USA F1658
30 STEVENS / LAWRENCE  Abt 1669North Carolina, USA F11795
31 WRIGHT / SCOTT  7 Jul 1825North Carolina, USA F7642