Oldham Family History

Lawrence County, Indiana, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 38.8518863, Longitude: -86.4996546


Johnson Oldham Kids
Johnson Oldham Kids
Springmill State Park

Brown<Br>  Charles W. and Rilla Brown Wilson Oldham
Charles W. and Rilla Brown Wilson Oldham

Marriage Record

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Lawrence County, Indiana
Lawrence County, Indiana
Marriage Records

WPA Index

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Oldham, John Francis
Oldham, John Francis
Death Certificate
Oldham, John M.
Oldham, John M.
Death Certificate
Elizabeth Oldham Roberts<br>
Elizabeth Oldham Roberts

Death Notice

Elizabeth Oldham Roberts<br>
Elizabeth Oldham Roberts

Death Notice

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Talbott Cemetery Bono twp.jpg
Talbott Cemetery Bono twp.jpg
Oldham<br>  Eliza Oldham Harbaugh<br>  1810 - 1850
Eliza Oldham Harbaugh
1810 - 1850

Family Monument

Indiana, USA
Indiana, USA
Southern Indiana Counties
Bono Twp., Lawrence County, Indiana, USA
Bono Twp., Lawrence County, Indiana, USA
Helen Quinn Notes
Oldham, James D.<bR>  1811-1890
Oldham, James D.

Census Record


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Bible Records
Thomas and Ann Elizabeth Louch Oldham
Thomas and Ann Elizabeth Louch Oldham

Family Bible
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Thomas and Ann Elizabeth Louch Oldham
Thomas and Ann Elizabeth Louch Oldham

Family Bible
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Thomas and Ann Elizabeth Louch Oldham
Thomas and Ann Elizabeth Louch Oldham

Family Bible
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Oldham, James England<br>
Oldham, James England

Family Bible


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Blanche Margarite  22 Jan 1920Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I51342
2 DECKARD, Katrina Joleyne   I51345
3 OLDHAM, Albert  14 Sep 1869Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5095
4 OLDHAM, Ann  1854Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5090
5 OLDHAM, Breckenridge  1860Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5096
6 OLDHAM, Charles William  27 Nov 1844Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5093
7 OLDHAM, Eliza  17 Apr 1850Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5109
8 OLDHAM, Eliza  12 Jun 1889Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17208
9 OLDHAM, Eliza Louisa Emily  16 Apr 1850Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5110
10 OLDHAM, Esther Ann  23 Sep 1846Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17174
11 OLDHAM, George Roberts  28 Nov 1842Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5115
12 OLDHAM, Henry Clay  29 Sep 1855Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5122
13 OLDHAM, Herman  1876Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17180
14 OLDHAM, Herschel  7 Apr 1876Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17176
15 OLDHAM, Howard  8 Jun 1875Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17204
16 OLDHAM, Ida J.  1863Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5123
17 OLDHAM, John Lindsay or Peter Pete  11 Sep 1852Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5131
18 OLDHAM, John Thomas  11 Nov 1851Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I29332
19 OLDHAM, Joseph Norman  4 Apr 1857Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5137
20 OLDHAM, Luella  20 Apr 1862Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I48098
21 OLDHAM, Martha E.  1 Dec 1843Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I38209
22 OLDHAM, Mary Ann  25 Feb 1861Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5144
23 OLDHAM, Mary Caroline   I8802
24 OLDHAM, Mary M.  3 Sep 1850Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I16843
25 OLDHAM, Nevin Younger  3 Jul 1858Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I16846
26 OLDHAM, Oliver  13 Aug 1887Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I13261
27 OLDHAM, Rachel  6 Nov 1829Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17145
28 OLDHAM, Rachel Elizabeth  28 Jan 1848Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17219
29 OLDHAM, Robert Jones  21 Jul 1818Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17143
30 OLDHAM, Robert Stewart  12 Nov 1848Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5164
31 OLDHAM, Sarah Frances  31 Dec 1855Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5171
32 OLDHAM, Susanna Francis  13 Aug 1822Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17144
33 OLDHAM, Thomas  19 Feb 1854Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5173
34 OLDHAM, Virgil A.  4 Jun 1873Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I8816
35 OLDHAM, William  7 Jan 1883Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I8817
36 OLDHAM, Zola K.  11 Nov 1891Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5174
37 SIMS, Mahala  Abt 1826Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I31300
38 STEWART, Eliza J.  22 Sep 1823Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5098
39 STEWART, James Q.  8 Nov 1828Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17172
40 STEWART, John Lindsey  1 Aug 1830Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17173
41 STEWART, Robert R.R.  1 Mar 1826Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17171
42 TAYLOR, Arlis Deanna   I51344
43 TODD, Andrew W.  3 Jan 1822Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I27947
44 WALTERS, Eliza  8 Aug 1876Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17195
45 WALTERS, Infant Son  7 May 1875Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17194


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Blanche Margarite  21 Jan 2014Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I51342
2 CHASTAIN, Mary G  Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17206
3 DECKARD, Clinton Edward  15 Mar 1999Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I51341
4 DECKARD, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1904Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I24695
5 DECKARD, Nancy  22 Feb 1919Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I24702
6 HENDERSON, Hiram  25 Apr 1918Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I54314
7 KIMBERLIN, Isaac Newton  4 Feb 1894Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I34497
8 OLDHAM, Elizabeth  17 Dec 1858Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I3644
9 OLDHAM, Henry Clay  12 Mar 1893Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5122
10 OLDHAM, Howard  11 Apr 1879Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17204
11 OLDHAM, James  23 Apr 1939Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I8812
12 OLDHAM, James England  17 Apr 1864Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5097
13 OLDHAM, John Lindsay or Peter Pete  29 Mar 1888Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5131
14 OLDHAM, Margaret R.  1887Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5141
15 OLDHAM, Mary Ann  26 Jan 1925Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5144
16 OLDHAM, Robert Jones  14 Nov 1836Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17143
17 OLDHAM, Robert Stewart  30 Aug 1868Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5164
18 OLDHAM, Susanna Francis  24 Aug 1841Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17144
19 OLDHAM, Thomas  26 May 1903Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5173
20 OLDHAM, Virgil A.  13 Dec 1874Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I8816
21 OLDHAM, Walter Hayden  Dec 1989Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5107
22 OLDHAM, William  4 Oct 1900Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I8817
23 ROBERTS, James Q.  31 Mar 1844Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5140
24 STEVENS, Elizabeth  26 Nov 1904Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I27948
25 STEWART, Eliza J.  16 Feb 1899Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5098
26 TODD, Andrew W.  26 Apr 1909Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I27947
27 TODD, Carolyn  11 Nov 1889Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I8815
28 TODD, David  8 Jul 1852Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I27951
29 WALTERS, Infant Son  7 May 1875Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17194
30 WALTERS, Richard S.  18 Sep 1875Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I17186


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, Frank Wesley  12 Sep 1918Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I37021


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, James England  10 May 1864Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5097


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 OLDHAM, James England  9 Apr 1864Lawrence County, Indiana, USA I5097


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DECKARD / BARTLETT  9 Apr 1939Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F18580
3 HARBAUGH / OLDHAM  4 Oct 1838Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F1582
4 HARTMANN / OLDHAM  10 Dec 1835Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F7113
5 HENDERSON / OLDHAM  4 Aug 1869Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F20065
6 NORMAN / OLDHAM  8 Sep 1860Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2338
7 OLDHAM / BROWN  14 Mar 1867Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2291
8 OLDHAM / CHASTAIN  29 Oct 1886Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2361
9 OLDHAM / HARBAUGH  27 Nov 1881Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2316
10 OLDHAM / LONG  18 Jun 1861Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F9565
11 OLDHAM / STEWART  20 Feb 1842Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2292
12 OLDHAM / TODD  21 Mar 1872Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2325
13 ROBERTS / OLDHAM  9 Jun 1842Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2336
14 SMITH / OLDHAM  24 Jul 1847Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2341
15 STEWART / LINDSAY  6 Jan 1823Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F2296
16 TODD / STEVENS  7 Feb 1845Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F3978
17 WALTERS / OLDHAM  2 Jul 1874Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F7121

Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 OLDHAM / CARR  15 Feb 1874Lawrence County, Indiana, USA F6819