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James and Leah Stephens Oldham

For over twenty years, researcher's have used the research of C. V. Jackson, Lt., Ret., and Helen Quinn of Springfield, Ohio, which showed they may have found the parents of James Oldham, who married Leah Stephens, the progenitor or the Fayette County, Indiana Oldham Family. They felt James was a son of Richard and Elizabeth Bayse Oldham, who settled in Caswell County, North Carolina in the late 1700s.
Lt. Jackson found a lease from Lord Fairfax for property in Frederick County, Virginia, dated 20 August 1776, which names James and Leah Oldham of Loudoun County, their son, Stephen and ?the longest liver of them all?. This lease was signed by Sampson Stephens, which would indicate a relationship to Leah Stephens Oldham. Lt. Jackson and Mrs. Quinn felt Sampson Stephens was the father of Leah Stephens. Later research shows James Oldham and Sampson Stephens may be contemporaries, depending on their actual birth dates. It appears that James Oldham was born between 1742 and 1750 and Sampson Stephens appears to have been born about 1736. Leah Stephens? birth appears to be about 1752. Some researchers contend Sampson may have been a brother of Leah, rather than her father. Without more precise birth dates or documentation, this can?t be determined.
James Oldham and wife Leah and son Stephen were early settlers on the western slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains (Stuart E., Brown, Annals of Clarke County, Virginia, p9)
One researcher found a record of Revolutionary War Service for James Oldham of Loudoun County, Virginia. The record shows a James Oldham serving in the 4th Virginia Militia under Col Burgess Ball. A review of the military records for the 4th Virginia Regt, under Burgess Ball does show the service of a James Oldham, George Oldham, Richard Stephens and John Smarr. All four of these men are also shown together on the Tax Rolls of Loudoun County, Virginia. Unfortunately, the Regimental records also show the death of James Oldham and Richard Stephens on 13 December 1776 in a skirmish leading up to the Battle of Trenton. The DAR Application of Mae Starr states James served in the 5th Virginia Regt., Continental Line under Capt Burges Bird from Sep 28 1776 to Oct 28, 1776, Nov 28, 1776 to Apr 1, 1777 and Aug 1776 to May 31, 1777 commanded by Lt. Col. Josiah Parker. She shows the information was found in the Federal Military Record, Kansas City, Kansas pg 594 and NARA .
James and Leah are later found in Henry County, Virginia before settling in Sevier County, Tennessee before 1795.
By about 1820, James and Leah have come to Indiana were their sons Stephen and John had already settled.
We need to locate the parents of James Oldham and establish the correct relationship between Sampson Stephens and Leah Stephens.
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Edward Oldham

b. d. & place unknown, m. 1791 Sarah DISHMAN, inherited land King George Co. Virginia 1791 from Samuel OLDHAM, magistrate & judge Westmoreland and King George counties. Edward was a member of the vestry of Hanover Parish, King George Co. Virginia. Edward d. 1795 King George Co. Virginia. Who were his parents & what was his link to Samuel Oldham?
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Colonel Edward Oldham

Born about 1756; Died about 1798; active in the Revolutionary War.
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