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Male Yes, date unknown - Aft 1784

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  • Name OLDHAM, Leroy 
    Born Yes, date unknown  [1
    Gender Male 
    Died Aft 1784  Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    • Route 2, Box 269G Heathsville, Virginia 22473 October 19, 1997

      Dear Bob: (Mr. Robert Kivett)

      I am enclosing some xeroxed copies which at this point I would have to say the father of Tarpley, Charles, George, Leroy and Thomas would h ave to be Leroy Oldham, Sr. One deed of gift proves that Leroy Oldham S r. is the father of Ler.sw th at Leroy Oldham Sr received land by way of his wife Grace, who was the dau ghter of Samuel Smith. Later Leroy Oldham Jr sells some of this land. It also appears from some of these deeds that Leroy Oldham Sr is selling some of his land to his sons, Leroy Jr and Thomas. If we didn't know the relationship here of father and sons, we would question the relationship. However, this was not unusual. Leroy Sr and his two sons, Leroy Jr and Thomas, are keeping the land in the family. Apparently, by the time of Leroy Srs death he had sold all of his land to his sons and they wou ld provide for him. Thus, there was no settlement of an estate for Ler oy Sr.
      I think we can ssume that Leroy Sr, provided Charles with the mea ns to get started in Brunswick County. How else would he have been ab le to own land and slaves.
      There is another document I want to get you tomorrow before maili ng this. It is a court order in which Leroy Oldham and James Blincoe a ct as security for the administration of the estate of William Trusse ll on 13 February 1748/49 (Orky Sr had to have been at least 21 at this time. It would have be en unusual for a young man of 21 to act as security so I would be inclin ed to say he was closer to 30. If this be the case Leroy Sr was born abo ut 1710. What I will also attempt to find will be the first time I see t he name of Leroy Oldham in the Northumberland County records. This will g ive us a better idea of his age.
      Unfortunately, as I mentioned to you earlier, we do not have any dee ds and wills between 1713 and 1718 and from 1729 to 1738. However, I don 't believe the name Leroy appears in the order books. I will check this o ut and may be some tdestmorela nd Counties for the name of Leroy.
      I will work a little while tomorrow morning in the courthouse. Aft er tomorrow the courthouse will be closed for the remainder of the week.
      I will be in touch,
      signed Preston
      Mr. Preston Haney

      Enclosed deed dated 1758 and 1784

      Carolyn Jett Report commissioned by Robert Kivett:

      Northumberland County, Order book 1743-1749, pb 268 - 8 Aug 1748 - On pet ition of Leroy Oldham and Benjamin Reaves, ordered that the estate of Samu el Smith and of Judith Smith be divided and the petitioners be possesed wi th their parts. (Note: This shows that by 1748 Leroy Oldham was an adul t, and was married to Grace Smith. Samuel Smith died intestate by 21 J an 1735/6 (Northumberland Co. Orer Book 1729-37 pg 208) and Judith Smi th died intestate by 12 May 1746 (Northumberland Co. Order Book 1743- 49 pg 103). Deeds in this report show that Samuel Smith left four daughte rs, among whom his estate was divided: Winifred, Sarah, Ruth and Grac e. Grace was, by 8 Aug 1748, the wife of Leroy Oldham. The birth of Gra ce Smith was recorded in St. Stephen's Parish Register:

      Grace Smith daughter to Samuel, born 3 Dec 1729

      Grace was 19 years of age by 8 Aug 1748, when her husband, Leroy Oldha m, petitioned the court for her share of her father's estate. Therefor e, she could not have been the mother of Tarpley Odlham, who was, at leas t, age 21 by 14 Nov 1749. (About three weeks before Grace reached age 20 ). And since Tarpley Oldham was the brother of Charles Oldham, this mea ns that Grace Smith Oldham was not the mother of Charles Oldham. The on ly question remaining is whether Leroy Oldham, Sr. might have had a wife b efore Grace Smith Oldham, and might have had George, Tarpley and Charl es by another wife. Tarpley, in his will, refers to brother George, Ler oy and Charles Oldham, in that order. There is adequate proof that Ler oy Oldham, Jr., son of Leroy, Sr and Grace, also had a brother Thomas. The re is adequate proof that Thomas Oldham was younger than his brother Ler oy Oldham Jr., but had been born by 1758, when he was named in a deed ma de by his father. Tarpley Oldham's will was written in 1760. Since Thom as Oldham was not named in that will, it is more logical to assume htat t he brother, Leroy Oldham, named in Tarpley Oldham's will, was Leroy Oldh am Sr., rather than Leroy Oldham, Jr.)

      Northumberland Co. Order Book 1743-1749 p 417 - 13 Feb 1748/9 - Esta te of William Trussell to be administered by William Trussell, Leroy Oldh am and James Blincoe his securities.

      Ibid., p 469 - 14 Nov 1749 - Edward Singer, orphan of John Singer, deceas ed, is by the consent of his mother bound to Tarpley Oldham till he arriv es to the age of 21, said Tarpley Odlham is to teach him the trade of a sh oemaker, and cause him to be taught to read and write. (Note: This sho ws that by 1749 Tarpley Oldham was an adult.)

      Northumberland Co. Order Book 1748-53 p 86 - 8 Oct 1750 - Estate of John W est administered by Lucy West, John Oldham and Tarpley Oldham her securit ies.

      Northumberland Co. Record book 1, p 186 - 10 Feb 1753 - Leroy Oldham and G race his wife, of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County, to Willi am Nelms, for 60 pounds current money, convey 25 acres on the north si de of Little Wiccomico River, it being the land that Samuel Smith liv ed on at the time of his death, and by his death fell to his daughter, Gra ce, now the wife of the aforesaid Leroy Oldham. Witnesses: John Blundel l, Eben Nelms, Elizabeth Price.

      Ibid, p 237 - 14 May 1753 = I, Tarpley Oldham, of the county of Northumber land am holden and firmly bound by these presents unto Leroy Oldham a parc el of land, part of which he now lives upon,

      beginning at a marked gum tree, corner between him and George Oldha m, and running along the said Oldham's line to a small oak bush, corner be tween the said Tarpley Oldham and Ann Hill.
      Then along the said Hill's line to a Spanish Oak standing on the si de of a branch
      Thence down the branch into the main swamp
      And down the swamp to the first beginning gum tree.

      And if the said Tarpley Oldham do acknowledge the said parcel of land wh en demanded unto the said Leroy Odlham, then the above obligati on is to be void, otherwise to remain in full power and virtue. Witnesse s: Elisha Betts, C. Betts, Daniel Betts.

      Richmond Co Deed Book 11, pp 358, 360 - 26-27 Nov 1754 - Deeds of lease a nd release - William Clarke, Gentleman, of North Farnham Parish, to Ler oy Oldham, planter, of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County, conve ys 192 acres formerly granted to John Alderson and by his sons sold to Wil liam Clarke, said land on Totuskey or Reedy Branch on the eastward side th ereof. witness: Tarpley Oldham

      Richmond Co Deed Book 11, p 415 - 5 Jul 1756 - Leroy Oldham of North Farnh am Parish ot Brian Stott, of same, conveys 50 acres from the land of Willi am Clarke sold him. (note: There is no relinquishment of dower in this d eed, nor any mention of Grace)

      Ibid., pg 417 - 29 May 1756 - Leroy Oldham of North Farnham Parish to Jam es Luttrell of same, conveys 50 acres of the Alverson tract which said Old ham purchased from William Clarke.

      Richmond Co Deed Book 12 pg 12 - 11 Oct 1757 - Leroy Oldham of Richmond Co unty, planter, to Pemberton Claughton, Jr of Northumberland County, conv eys remaining 92 acres of the land said Oldham purchased from William Clar ke. Witness: Tarpley Oldham

      Northumberland Co. Record Book 4, p 234 - 8 May 1758 - Leroy Oldha m, Sr to Leroy Oldham, Jr & Thomas Oldham, out of my fatherly love and aff ection which I bear to them, they being my sons, I give to them two Neg ro women named Joan and Doll and their increase, to be equally divided bet ween them with the said Leroy Oldham, Jr shall come to age of Twenty-one y ears. Witnesses: William Oldham, John Claughton, Jr., Tarpley Odlham

      Northumberland County, Record book 5, p 287 - Will of Lucy West,
      Legatees: Two daughters to equally divide my estate
      Executor: Tarpley Oldham

      Northumberland Co. Record Book 6, pg 163 - Will of Tarpley Oldham, writ en 28 Nov 1760, proved 14 Feb 1763.
      Legatees: Brother George - 6 lbs, 18 shillings current money
      Brothers Leroy and Charles - remainder of estate to be equal ly divided between them, and they to be executors.

      Northumberland Co. Order Book 1762-1766 pg 33 - 14 Feb 1763 - The last wi ll and testament of Tarpley Oldham, deceased, was presented into cou rt by Leroy Oldham, the executor therein named, who made oath accordi ng to law, and being proved by the witnesses is admitted to record. Proba te is granted to the said Leroy. Abraham Beacham & William Oldham his sec urities.

      Ibid., p 34 - 14 Feb 1763 - Inventory and appraisal of the estate of Tarpl ey Oldham ordered. James Self, Mathias Self, Richard Straughan and John B eacham, or any three ordered to appraise and make return to the court.

      Ibid., p 64 - 11 Aug 1763 - Examination of Leroy Oldham, who is charged wi th the murder of his Negro wench.....and upon consideration of the evidenc es of the said witnesses and the circumstances of the case, it is the opin ion of the court that the said prisoner ought not to be tried for the sa id supposed fact by the General court, but ought to be discharged.

      Northumberland Co Record Book 7, p 453 - 1 Nov 1769 - Whereas by a deed ma de on 8 May 1758 by Leroy Oldham to Leroy Oldham and Thomas Oldham, so ns of the said Leroy Oldham, conveyed to them 2 slaves, Joan and doll a nd their increase to be equally divided when said Leroy attains the a ge of 21, and the said Leroy being some time ago arrived to that age, a nd being minded to make a division of the said Negroes, division is agre ed to by Leroy the elder as guardian of his son, Thomas.

      Ibid., p 454 - 15 Dec 1769 - Leroy Oldham, Jr to William Nelms of Northumb erland County, for 7 lbs., conveys all his third part of land containi ng by estimation 25 acres, on Roman's Creek that runs into Little Wicomi co River, which was a 1/4 part of the 100 acres that Samuel Smith left wh en he died to his four daughters: Winifred, Sarah, Ruth and Grace, and th is 1/5 part (now being conveyed) was the portion that fell to daughter Ru th who married John Bludon and died leaving one child who died without iss ue, and the said land then fell to the heirs of Samuel Smith's two daughte rs (Winfred) and his daughter Sarah Reaves, and to Leroy Odlham, heir of S amuel Smith's daughter, Grace.

      (Note: This deed proves that Charles Oldham was not the eldest son of Ler oy and Grace Smith Oldham, for Grace Smith Oldham died intestate and by t he law of primogeniture then in effect, her land automatically went to h er eldest son (who was Leroy Oldham, Jr). Leroy Oldham, Jr. was a min or in 1758, and he had reached adulthood by 1 Nov 1769. Thomas Oldham, br other to Leroy, Jr., was still a minor on 1 Nov 1769.)

      Ibid., p 475 - 1 Jan 1770 - Leroy Oldham leases to Joshua Harper for 10 ye ars the following tract of land:
      Beginning at a red oak at the Coach Road, being a line to the said Ol dham and Mr. John Cralle, and
      From thence to the head of a branch falling into Yeocomico River and,
      from thence down said branch to the main swamp, and
      from thence up the said swamp which divides said Leroy Oldham's la nd from Thomas Oldham at a chestnut oak,, being a line tree to the land fo rmerly William Hill's, and
      from thence along said road to the beginning, including 50 acres.

      St. Stephen's Parish Register:
      Nathaniel Oldham, son to Leroy Oldham & Elinor, born 27 Jan 1770
      Richard Ouldum, son to Leroy & Elinor born 3 Feb 1773

      Northumberland Co. Record Book 7, p 514 - 1 Mar 1770 - Leroy Oldh am Sr to Leroy Oldham Jr., leases for 10 years the following tract, contai ning 30 acres:
      Beginning at a red oak bush on the Coach Road, being a line between t he said Leroy Oldham Sr and Leroy Oldham Jr and
      from thence along a line of marked trees to a branch falling into Yeo comico River and
      from thence down said branch to the main swamp, and
      from thence up the said swamp, and
      from thence up the said swamp which divides this land from the la nd of Thomas Oldham, to a branch which divides the said land from the l an dof Joshua Harper,
      then up the said branch to the head, and
      then to a marked red oak on the coach Road, and a line tree between t he said land and the land of Joshua Harper,
      then up the Coach Road to the beginning, including 30 acres. Witnesses: George Williams, Thomas Oldham, Gabriel Smither

      Northumberland Co. Record book 9, p 418 - 4 Jul 1774 - Thomas Oldham of S t. Stephen's Parish, conveys to Mattias Self, for 20 lbs curent mone y, 25 acres, more or less, being part of a tract of land given the said Th omas Oldham by Tarpley Oldham, and bounded as follows:
      Beginning at a corner tree of this land and William Dameron's land (a nd) running south or thereabouts along a line of marked trees dividing t he land of the said Dameron's and this, to a branch called the Ready Swam p, and
      Thence down the said branch to the head of the said Self's mill pon d, and
      Thence down the said mill pond and swamp to the first mentioned begin ning Witnesses: James Self, Leroy Oldhm, Leroy Oldham Jr., William Self, Cal eb Oldham

      (Note: For Caleb Oldham to have witnessed this document, he had to have b een at least 15 years of age. This means that he was born no later than 1 760. Therefore, it is more probable that he was the son of Leroy Sr., rat her than of Leroy Oldham, Jr. Since Judith Smith was deceased by 1746, b ut Leroy Oldham, Sr. did not petition the court for a share of her esta te until 1748, it is probable that his petition was made soon after he mar ried Grace Smith. Leroy Oldham, Jr was still a minor in 1758, when Ler oy Oldham Sr made a gift deeded to him and to Thomas Oldham. It is probab le that the two slaves deeded to Leroy Jr and Thomas had come from the Smi th estate. It was common practice in that time to deed property that ca me by a first wife to her children just before a man remarried. The circu mstantial evidence points to Leroy Oldham Sr, having married Elinor soon a fter that deed was made to his two sons by his first wife. Caleb Oldham w as born circa 1760. Two other children Nathaniel and Richard, were bo rn in 170 and 1773 respectively. At some point in the intervening year s, Leroy Oldham Sr and Elinor came to a parting of the ways, as evidenc ed by the court record concerning the estate of Caleb)

      Bayne Palmer O'Brien, transcriber, "Northumberland Land Tax List - 1782 ", the Bulletin of teh Northumberland County Historical Society, Vol. IX ( 1972), pp 11-22
      p 19: Leroy Oldham, Jr. .......................50 acres
      Leroy Oldham .............................37 acres
      Thomas Oldham...........................40 acres
      George Oldham..........................110 acres
      William Oldham.........................110 acres
      William Oldham, Jr. .................222 acres (Note: The Land Tax Records of 1782 shows a total of 127 acres of land ow ned by Leroy Oldham Sr., Leroy Oldha, Jr and Thomas Oldham. Thomas Oldh am had previously sold 25 acres, which wd two 152 acres, which is only 4-1/4 acres more than the 147 3/4 ac res that Richard Oldham, Sr. patented. Richard Oldham, Sr. gave this la nd to his son, Richard Oldham, Jr. As the deed from Thomas Oldham to Matt ias Self shows, the 25 acres he sold adjoined the land of William Damer on (Which William Dameron had purchased from William Oldham, who had inher ited it from his father, George Oldham, who was the heir of James Oldha m, who was the joint patentee with Richard Oldham, Samuel Churchill and Wi lliam Hill. The evidence is strong that Tarpley, George, Leroy and Charl es Oldham were the sons of Richard Oldham, Jr.)

      Northumberland Co.Record Book 11, p 178 - Will of Caleb Oldham, writt en 19 Jan 1781 "being well in body and mind," and proved 13 May 1782. (Oth er Research done previously on Caleb Odlham showed that he died while serv ing in the Revolution.)
      Beloved mother, Ellinor Oldham, all my estate, together wt ih my lands in Northumberland County, during her natural life, and after h er decease, to descend to my brother, Nathaniel Odlham, to him and his hei rs forever.
      Executor: John Wroe, of Richmond Co.
      Witness: Henry Self, Alcy Self

      (Note: As shown by the Land Tax Records of 1782 (above) there was no la nd listed in the name of Caleb Olahdm. The reason for this was that he h ad not yet received a deed for the land, as he had not finished paying f or it. After Caleb Oldham's death, his executor paid for the land, and de livered the deed to Nathaniel Odlham on 20 May 1792 (after Nathaniel beca me an adult). Reference: Northumberland Co. Record book 11, p 178)

      Northumberland Co Record Book 12, p 309 - 30 Nov 1784 - Leroy Oldh am Sr of Northumberland County to Leroy Oldham Jr, for 30 lbs conveys a ll the estate, right, title, interest, etc., in and to a 35 acre tract, be ing the land and plantation that the said Leroy Oldham now lives on, descr ibed as follows:
      beginning at a marked red oak tree near the coach Road, and
      from thence to the head of a branch making out of a swamp of Yeocomi co River and
      from thence down the said branch to the main swamp, and
      from thence up the said swamp to a marked Spanish oak tree, and
      from thence to a small oak standing near the Coach Road, and
      from thence down the said road to the beginning. Witnesses: Samuel Cralle, William Claughton, Thomas Oldham

      Ibid., p 386 - 12 Mar 1785 - Leroy Oldham Sr to Thomas Oldham, for 30 l bs conveys 30 acres
      beginning at a red oak standing upon the coach Road, and
      from thence to a hickory tree upon a branch of Yeocomico, and
      up the said branch to a marked chestnut oak tree in William Downman 's line and
      from thence tot he Coach Road, and
      from thence to the beginning Witnesses: Samuel Cralle, Leroy Oldham, Jr., Jeremiah Brown

      Northumberland Co Order Book 1783-85, pg 366 - 12 Jul 1785 - Upon the peti tion of ellen Odlham, the wife of Leroy Oldham, it is ordered and decre ed that the said Ellen be quieted in the possession of a certain tra ct of land containing 38 acres or thereabouts, also a Negro boy called Dan iel, with a mare and colt, five head of cattle, a parcel of pewter, two ta bles, two chairs &c, which was given to her by her son Caleb Oldham, and t he said Leroy Oldham is expressly forbid to molest the said Ellen in the p ossession of same.

      (Note: Leroy Oldham and Elinor apparently had separated (although no docu ment was found granting her separate maintenance). Leroy sold his la nd to his two sons by Grace, and did not use her name on the deeds (nor d id she relinquish dower). Perhaps the Court thought it an equitable arran gement to give Elinor full rights to her legacy from Caleb. In 1792, aft er the death of Elinor, Nathaniel Odlham sold the land that Caleb had bequ eathed to him and removed to Westmoreland County.)

      St Stephens Parish Register:
      Grace Smith Oldham, daughter to Thomas & Ann born 10 Dec 1775
      Mary Oldham, daughter to Thoams & Ann, born 26 Apr 1778
      Nancey Oldham, daughter to Thomas & Ann, born 4 Oct 1781
      Lucey Oldham, daughter to Thomas & Ann, born 6 sep 1785

      (Note: You already have received the will of Leroy Oldham, Jr. thomas Ol dham also died testate. However, since Charles Oldham (your ancestor) w as not the son of Leroy Oldham Sr., the additional information found on h is family is omitted from this report.


      Wills of Richmond County, Virginia, 1699 - 1800

      P. 187 - George Clark Sr., Will, (nd.) 8 Nov 1774
      son Robert all the ordinary and houses and lands beginning at the road; son George remainder of houses; rest of est. to be eq. div. among other chil. Catherine, Thomas, Robert, Jane, George, Richard, and William; ex: sons Thomas and Robert; wits: Jane STEELE, Leroy OLDHAM
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    Father OLDHAM, Richard Jr,   b. Abt 1703, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef May 1735, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 32 years) 
    Mother UNKNOWN, Mary 
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    Family 1 SMITH, Grace,   b. 3 Dec 1729, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Married Bef 10 Feb 1753  Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. OLDHAM, Leroy,   b. Abt 1748,   d. Bef 6 Nov 1804, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 56 years)
     2. OLDHAM, Thomas,   b. Bef 1758,   d. Yes, date unknown
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    Family 2 UNKNOWN, Elinor 
    Married Aft 1768 
     1. OLDHAM, Caleb,   b. Aft 1768,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. OLDHAM, Nathaniel,   b. 27 Jan 1770, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     3. OLDHAM, Richard,   b. 3 Feb 1774, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
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