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BAYSE, Edmond Jr.

BAYSE, Edmond Jr.

Male Abt 1675 - 1746  (~ 71 years)

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  • Name BAYSE, Edmond 
    Suffix Jr. 
    Born Abt 1675  Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Gender Male 
    Will 14 Apr 1746 
    Died 14 Apr 1746  Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    • Here is a reference to Edmond Basye
      Northern Neck Land Grants Bk B-76: "John and Thomas Taylor of Northumberland C. in 1704 receive a grant (or deed) of certain tracts of land, 1st, 200 A. granted to James Jones by pat. Sept. 27, 1660, and by him sold to John Taylor, deceased father of sd Thomas and John, and 699 A. granted to John Taylor, father, by pat. 1666, joins land possessioned by William Therriatt, and now in possession of Thomas Taylor, Branch of Corotomon River, joins Thomas and George Everett, Isaac Wall, and John Webb, also joins Lazarus Taylor, Edmond Baysey's land, Richard Condit, and joins some land formerly belonging to William Therriatt."
      (As quoted in Mrs. L. C. Anderson, "The Taylor Family of Northumberland and Lancaster Counties, Virginia," in THE VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY, Vol. 35, pp. 211-218, with corrections on pp. 388 and 389)

      From: Hdanw@aol.com
      Subject: [OLDHAM] Critique of Oldham-Basye Family of or near Northumberland Co., VA
      Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:38:31 EDT

      You wrote the following and invited corrections, comments, etc. My comments
      follow the descendancy chart you presented.

      You wrote:

      I show the following for the Bayse name:

      Edmond Bayse, Sr. b. 1645 England
      +Eliza or Elizabeth Taylor
      Edmond Bayse Jr. (Lawyer) b. abt 1675 Northumberland VA dd. 14 Apr
      Northumberland VA
      +Lydia Karenhappuck
      Leanna Bayse
      Elizabeth Bayse b. abt 1715 VA or NC m. 1732 VA
      +Richard Oldham b. abt 1711 d. 1785 Caswell, NC m. abt
      1732 Caswell NC
      Richard Oldham Jr. b. 1 Mar 1745 Fauquier, VA
      d.17 Jun 1785
      +Ann Pepper
      Hezakiah Oldham b.1770
      Leanna Oldham b. 1771
      Edith Oldham b. 1773 Caswell NC
      Samuel Oldham b. 1775 Madison KY
      Moses Oldham b. 17 Dec 1776
      William Oldham b. 17 Dec 1776
      Elizabeth Oldham b. 1774
      Zerah Oldham b. 12 Feb 1780 Madison KY
      Amelia Oldham b. 21 May 1781 NC
      Richard Oldham III b. 1782 NC
      Nancy Oldham b. 1789 SC m.Sep 1809
      Estil Co KY
      +James Collins b. 1782 NC
      William Collins b. 1826
      Joseph Collins b. 1810 KY
      James Collins Jr. b. 1814
      Mary Collins b.1816 KY
      Angeline Collins b. 1818 KY
      John Collins b. 1822
      Samuel P. Collins b. 1824
      Anna Oldham b. 1791 Madison KY
      Rebecka Bayse
      Hannah Bayse

      If anyone has any additions or corrections I would really like to hear from
      Thanks for any help you can give me.


      Let's start with what we can document about Edmond Basye II and son-in-law
      Richard Oldham, from either primary or secondary sources, in this case,
      secondary. If you use this material in your own genealogy, please cite the
      sources, as good genealogists are required to do. If someone cannot
      duplicate [replicate] your research, then it is NOT good research--it is only

      Preparer: E. W. Wallace
      Dec 1995
      Rev Nov 1998

      EDMOND BASYE II. (d. ca. 1745) of Wicomico Parish. He was a church warden as were Isaac and William Basye; also Thomas Gaskins, Thomas Gaskins Jr., and Edwin. (Northern Neck History Society, V. 7, No. 1, Dec 1957.)

      He was one of several sons of Edmond Basye I and his wife Eliza Taylor.

      He probably was of age ca. 1705 when he bought land from Jas. Knight 20 Nov 1705. (As will be seen from other Basye records of this era, Knight was a close associate of the Basye family.)

      Northumberland Co. Records 1710-1713

      p. 237 - Deed - Edmond Basie, Sr. to Edmond Basie, Jr.
      p. 239- Deed - Edmond Basie, Jr. to Edmond Basie, Sr.

      Heritage Books, Inc, 1994) [Comment: Mrs. Jett's work is a highly abstracted list of some court records of Northumberland Co.])

      There is a Josias Basie in N'umberland who was a witness during 1710-1713 to a deed, James Knight, planter, to Richard Neale, gentleman.

      Edmond Basye II apparently left no surviving sons, and at least one of his daughters (unnamed but the mother of William Averitt or Everitt, Basye's grandson) was deceased by the time he wrote his will. There were surviving daughters, two of whom were married and two unmarried in late 1745. One daughter was married to Richard Oldham, residence not stated, and the other
      was married to a Lunceford or Lunsford.

      From Record Book of Northumberland County, VA, for 1743-1749, pages 123a-124:

      "In the Name of God Amen. I, Edmond Basey, of Northumberland County being in my health & perfect sense & memory, thanks be to God for the same, & calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all flesh to die, do appoint, consistute & ordain this to be my last will & Testament & as touching such worldly Good wherewith it has pleased God to bless me with, I give & dispose in the following manner & form: Imprimus.

      I leave the use of all my whole Estate, both personal & real, to my well beloved wife, Keren happuck during her natural life & after her decease I leave my plantation with all the land pertaining to it to my daughter Leanna Basye to her & her heirs lawfully begotten & for want of such heirs to return to my Grandson William Everit to him & his heirs forever.

      Item. I give & bequeath to my Daughter Leanna her choice of all my Beds & furniture together with my Chest of Drawers to her & heirs for ever. Item. I leave to my daughter Rebecka, the wife of William Lunceford, one Shilling Sterling to her & her heirs forever.

      Item. I leave to my Daughter Elizabeth, the wife of Richd. Oldham, one Shilling Sterling to her & heirs forever.

      Item. I leave to my Grandson William Everit his next choice of Beds & furniture after my Daughter Leanna, to him & his heirs forever. Item. My Will is that after my
      wife's decease the remaining part of my movable Estate, after the Legatees are paid, be equally divided between my two Daughters Hannah & Leanna & my Grandson William Everit to them & their heirs forever. Item. My Will is
      that my Estate may not be brought to any appraisement nor that my Ext.

      [executor] may give any security for my Estate. I do also appoint my wife Keren happuetz [Karenhappuck] & brother Elisimond Basye to be the Exts. of this my last will & Testament & do revoke all Wills before this dated. I
      acknowledge this to be my last will & Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 5 day of Decembr. 1745.

      Edmond Basye (Seal)

      "Charles X Sullivant his mark, Thos X Sampson his mark, George Mills"

      As transcribed by Otto Basye, THE BASYE FAMILY IN THE UNITED STATES
      [Kansas City, MO: Published by author, ca 1950], p. 161. Book is in Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Joseph Smith Building. It has not been filmed by LDS.

      "April the 14th, 1746 this will was proved in Northumberland County Court to be the Last Will & Testament of Edmond Basye, Decd., by the Oaths of
      Charles Sullivant & Thomas Sampson witnesses thereto. The Exts. made oath to the sd. Will on whose the motion the same is admited to Record." (Ibid.)


      Otto Basye notes that Edmond Basye, Sr (I) and Edmond Basye, Jr. (II) were witnesses to wills and deeds. Some of their associates were: Hen. Mayes (will, 1702), Hill to Dunaway (deed 1702), Knight (deed to Basie, 1712) and both Edmond Basyes were witnesses of deed Benj. Browne to Jno. Dunaway July 1702.

      My comment about Richard Oldham, supposedly of Caswell Co., NC, as displayed in the above descendancy chart.

      Richard Oldham, son-in-law of Edmond Basye II, must have been living in or near Northumberland Co., VA (Northern Neck VA) prior to the writing of Basye's will. He may have relocated somewhere else, but men did not generally travel far from their own residence to find a bride. For one thing, most families seemed to have wanted some acquaintance with the bridegroom, and he probably should have acquired some property prior to marriage.

      However, there are so MANY Oldhams in Northern Neck Virginia during this time period that it is difficult to say from which Oldham family this particular Richard Oldham was descended. Furthermore, there are many missing records in Virginia.

      We believe, but cannot prove at this time, even with researching the records of many Virginia counties--north and south, and east and west-- that the elder Richard Oldham who appears in Caswell Co. tax lists and records after [note the word AFTER] 1777 is the same person as the son-in-law of Edmond Basye II.

      Caswell Co. was formed from Orange Co., NC in 1777, during the Revolution.

      Orange Co. records are difficult to find. There are some court records, and one does find the name of Richard Simpson (father-in-law of Jesse Oldham) in the early records of Orange Co., NC ca 1755. Richard Simpson and his wife Mary Kincheloe were formerly of Fairfax Co., VA as proved by land records both in Fairfax Co., VA and in Caswell Co., NC.

      Some of the earliest information we have about Jesse Oldham, alleged son of Richard Oldham, and possible grandson of the deceased Edmond Basye II, is given below.

      In 1755, Jesse Oldham was in the 2nd Virginia Rangers

      Source for the military record is Lloyd D. Bockstruck, VIRGINIA'S COLONIAL SOLDIERS [Baltimore: Genealogical Publ. Co.]. This was during the French and Indian War.

      "Return of the Second Company of Rangers, commanded by Captain John Ashby, 21 Oct 1755," contains the following information:

      7 Sept, Jesse Oldham, 5'8", dark, 21, Virginia, arpenter.

      (This entry indicates Jesse may have been born ca. 1734. The original of these military rolls is in what is called at Library of Virginia, "Washington Papers," the original of which is in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
      They are believed to pertain to the papers of Lawrence Washington, not "the father of our country," George. Library of VA has a facsimile copy of these records, but will not allow them to be photocopied. They are negative,
      oversize copies. This age for Jesse Oldham, 21 years old, may be more correct than the date given in the later deposition given in Fayette Co., KY in a land dispute.)

      It appears from this military muster Jesse, age 21, [give or take a few years] was in Virginia in 1755 and not yet in North Carolina. His captain is John Ashby, and research shows there were many men of this name, but many
      Ashby males appear in Frederick Co., VA in Gertrude E. Gray's VIRGINIA NORTHERN NECK LAND GRANTS, Vol. II. In other words, it is difficult to locate the family origins of Jesse Oldham, said to be son of Richard Oldham, but perhaps not of the Richard Oldham, son-in-law of Edmond Basye II of Northumberland Co.

      More about Jesse Oldham and His Probable Brother James Oldham

      Orange Co., NC Records

      Land records show that Jesse and James Oldham were in Orange Co., NC before April 1763, by the time of the land survey for James Oldham. Also, a Richard Oldham was deeded land by one Jesse Simpson in Orange Co., NC, Nov
      1763. It is unclear whether "Jessey" Oldham was a neighbor of James Oldham.

      He was a sworn chain carrier. The relationship of the two Oldham men to each other is unknown. Perhaps they were brothers or cousins, but it is believed they were brothers.

      "Oldham, James - survey - 29 Apr 1763; 180 acres on north side Haw R., joins Robt. Wells; Robt. Wells, JESSEY OLDHAM: SCC. 2 copies."

      A few weeks earlier, James Oldham, said to be brother of Jesse Oldham, had a warrant for a greater acreage in North Carolina:

      "Oldham, James, Warrant, 1 Feb 1763, 700 acres on Piney Br. Haw R., includes Thos. Church's improvements. Surveyed 29 Apr 1763."

      1987], p. 54)

      Jesse Oldham appears in Orange Co., NC court records by Aug term of court 1764, and he probably was married by this time to Elizabeth Simpson, the daughter of his associate, Richard Simpson. One descendant of this family
      states that the eldest daughter, Amy Oldham, was born 1761 in North Carolina, but she does not give documentation. (There is good evidence of the links of
      the Richard Simpson family to Fairfax Co., VA, found in land records.)

      At Aug court 1764, Orange Co., NC the name of Jessee Oldham, a son-in-law of Richard Simpson of Orange Co., NC, appears for the first time in the minutes. He and Richard Simpson were among several ordered to lay out a road from Hart's Road to Haw River Mill, etc.

      This chronology places Jesse Oldham, alleged son of Richard Oldham of later Caswell Co., in Virginia in 1755. In 1763 or so, he is in North Carolina. There is a blank space in his time line of eight (8) years.

      Correction about Place of Marriage for Richard Oldham, the elder

      Since Caswell Co. NC was not formed until 1777, the marriage place of Richard Oldham and his probable wife, Elizabeth Basye is incorrect as given above. If this couple are the parents of Jesse Oldham, then we can assume they were married about 1734, the seeming birthdate of Jesse Oldham, who alleges in 1755 that he is age 21. (A deposition by Jesse Oldham in Fayette Co., KY
      many years later would indicate a later birthdate, but persons of that period frequently paid no attention to actual birthdates. Besides, many males lie about their ages when they join the military.)

      About Richard Oldham, Jr., who was married to Ann Pepper. He was not born in Fauquier Co. on the date given. Why? Because Fauquier Co. was not formed until 1759. It was formed from Prince William Co., VA (as had been Fairfax
      Co. in 1742).

      By the way, Richard Oldham the younger, of Estill Co., KY received a Revolutionary War pension. He is not to be confused with his nephew Richard *Ready-Money* Oldham of Madison Co., KY, who also received a Revolutionary War pension, as did his widow, Patsy [Reid] Oldham. There was also a Bounty Land Warrant.

      Research of remaining Prince William Co. records to date, 2003, is lacking in adequate proof of the residence of one Richard Oldham and his wife Elizabeth nee Basye in that county. There is some evidence of one John Oldham in that county, and that will be posted in a separate document.

      My message is this: We Oldham descendants have MUCH more research to do in colonial Virginia, particularly the Northern Neck of Virginia--and perhaps to the Blue Ridge and beyond--before we come to any good documented evidence of the origins of the Caswell Co., NC Oldhams. I have been collecting material for years, and, the message: There is much more to do!

      Perhaps if we trace the Lunsfords of this time period--in Northern Neck Virginia--we MAY pick up some clues.

      Look for another message concerning a John Oldham of Fauquier Co.

      descended from the Caswell Co. Oldhams
      and the Madison Co., KY Oldhams

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    Father BAYSE, Edmond,   b. 1645, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1724, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years) 
    Mother TAYLOR, Eliza Or Elizabeth,   b. Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1724, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family 1 UNKNOWN, Lyia,   b. Abt 1677,   d. Northumberland County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    1. [S3115] Mary Jo Yancy.

    2. [S3077] Todd G. Oldham.