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28201 _FA5: 1900 -6-Single in mother OHIO CO. KY
_FA6: 1910 16-Single in mothers home OHIO CO. KY
_FA7: 1920 25-OHIO CO.KY

to oldham.jan@gmail.com
date Mar 27, 2008 12:58 AM
subject My Bad
Jan, sometimes I think I'm smarter than I am. I omitted my foster grandparents when I sent this file earlier. Hope it didn't cause you any extra effort. Are you familiar with this site? Is there any coordination between your OLDHAM site andsehis Ohio County Kentucky site? I find many problems with this site info but have also gained much info from it. For instance, It says that my grandmother's grandfather, Burgess FAUGHT, is the illegitimate son of a FAUGHT daughter and Lorenzo EARP. Lorenzo is Wyatt EARP's uncle. Two of Wyatt's older brothers were born in Hartford, Ohio Co., KY. Unimportant but interesting. http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=2006-ohio-co-ky Thnks again, 
FAUGHT, Uva Bell (I39337)
28202 _FA8: 1900 48-OHIO CO KY....KIDS 3/1
_FA9: 1910 59-OHIO CO KY....KIDS 3/1
_FA10: 1920 68-OHIO CO KY
_FA11: 1930 78-WIDOW OHIO CO KY 
DECKER, America Catherine (I5439)
28203 _FA9: 1910 52-FARMER OHIO CO KY
_FA10: 1920 62-FARMER OHIO CO KY
_FA11: 1930 72-FARMER OHIO CO KY 
OLDHAM, Joseph N. (I40631)
28204 {Upper part of Slab at Springhouse> and hard to

This monument is erected to the memory of
Walter E. Powers,
who was born on the 27,h day of December 1787
and departed this life on the 2 day of November

Whose tomb is this?
It says 'tis Walter Powers,
Departed from the world in Beauties latest blossom. 
POWERS, Walter (I6824)

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